Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Nicky Romero Collaborate for the Festival Anthem of the Summer, “Here We Go”

Just in time for Tomorrowland, three dance music heavyweights combine forces to create a high-octane festival anthem in the form of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Nicky Romero‘s new single “Here We Go.” The track delivers a classic, driving four-on-the-floor beat in its opening, quickly layered upon by melodies that build the anticipation to an all-time high before its colossal percussive breakdown. Longtime dance music fans will recognize the catchy “Hey girls, B-boys, Superstar DJs, here we go!” vocal sample from the Chemical Brothers‘ classic 1999 hit “Hey Boy, Hey Girl,” now given a bold makeover for the modern era. “Here We Go” is the kind of hard-hitting house jam designed to make giant festival stages explode in a frenzied sea of dancing fans, and we’re confident this track is destined for the main stage at Tomorrowlandand beyond this year. “Here We Go” is out on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike‘s Smash the House record label.

Artists: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Nicky Romero
Title: Here We Go
Label: Smash The House
Release date: 21 July 2018


Nicky Romero has progressed from being a young, musical wunderkind to an absolute force to be reckoned with as a DJ, producer, and mogul whose label is at the forefront of modern electronic dance music. With an impressive and lengthy string of hits, from the viral hit-turned-classic “Toulouse” and “Legacy” to “Like Home,” “Lighthouse,” and so many more, Nicky has proved his ability to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of electronic music. Equally as legendary in their own right, brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are renowned champions of house production, longtime staples of the world’s best festivals, and chart-topping artists multiple times over. DV&LM have topped the Dance Club Songs charts with “Complicated” with David Guetta, “Hey Baby” with Diplo, and “Higher Place,” and have produced many now-classic house anthems. Today, Nicky leverages his production prowess by raising up promising talent on his label Protocol Recordings, and DV&LM head things up with party-starting releases on their Smash the House label. After so much success already in their careers, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nicky and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.
More info on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike/Nicky Romero:

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Nicky Romero: Soundcloud
 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter




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