Martron Unveils Powerfully Timeless ‘Alive’ Ft. Daniela Ion

martron daniela ion alive

Seamlessly blending electro, electronica and the essence of an 80’s house soulful sound, Martron has done it again. For this power house record, he offers up ‘Alive‘ featuring the unique and talented Daniela Ion on the vocal topline. Not only is this DJ and producer capable of offering wonky vibes, but he can also return to EDM’s roots.

By now, listeners at EDM Joy may be familiar with Martron, however Australian vocalist Daniela Ion is a new force that we have yet to encounter. With smooth, clean and a clearly professionally molded voice, Ion offers her flavor on the already tasteful throwback track with aesthetic and unique vocals.

New York artist Martron has always been strengthening his career, but this time he has one upped himself with the release of ‘Alive.’ Not only has he proven that he is an original artist, but he has also shown that he is capable of drawing on his talent to bring a modern twist on a variety of genres.



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