Sundays during the hottest month of the year will have SIGHT’s trademark soundtrack

We just left behind an amazing July for SIGHT’s crowds and, as everything keeps rolling, the same happens with Pacha Barcelona’s Sunday’s session in August. During the hottest month of the year,SIGHT is preparing four dream dates for the most vanguard and underground techno lovers, with some very interesting visitors and a truly special date to close the month in full force, making SIGHT one of the strongest techno sessions of Barcelona’s electronic music scene…
August 5th: Marco Faraone
SIGHT will begin its schedule in August with one of the new forces of today’s techno scene. Marco Faraone is one of the most in-demand Italian artists in the electronic realm. With his particular sound signature and palette, Faraone is the head of Uncage Records, beside having published in labels as big as Drumcode & Rekids – the latter has been the outlet for his last ‘Justice EP. Having played in Tomorrowland just a few weeks ago, Faraone will be the first in taking SIGHT’s decks this next August the 5th. He will be joined by Anna Tur & Karretero, two of the most interesting and popular Spanish electronic artists. Grab your tickets to see Marco Faraone here
August 12th: Umamii pres. Stacey Pullen
Umamii has become one of the most beloved sessions by SIGHT’s crowd. The multi-sensorial concept created by UNER is back on the second weekend of August, bringing one of the most unique and iconic artists of the scene. Stacey Pullen himself will be in charge of taking the lead during Umamii’s night atSIGHT. Coming straight from Detroit, Pullen is part of that second wave of producers and DJs that came to the first line after the Belleville Three, in the early 90s. Regular of Marco Carola’s Music Onbrand, Stacey’s charisma and know-how will make Pacha Barcelona’s dancefloor flip upside down. He’ll be joined by two big fishes: Jesse Calosso and Umamii’s alma mater, UNER. Get your tickets for Umamii presents Stacey Pullen, Jesse Calosso & UNER, by clicking here.
19 de agosto: Sam Paganini
SIGHT will continue its bet on Italian techno in this third date of the month, with the visit of electronic music titan, Sam Paganini. The man behind the highly regarded ‘Satellite LP’ will be back at SIGHT, ready to make the crowd dance to his unique, energetic and strong musical selection. Being JAM Records owner, having played in almost every major festival this season – including the likes ofTomorrowland, Kappa Futur and Awakenings – and being one of Europe’s favorite DJ, now it’s time for Pacha Barcelona’s Sunday session to enjoy his deck trickery. In what is meant to be a dream night, Paganini will be joined by two big names in the industry: Francisco Allendes and Chelina Manuhutu. Get your tickets to experience Sam Paganini at SIGHT by clicking here.
26 de julio: Stephan Bodzin
Closing August in style for all of SIGHT’s fans and techno lovers, Pacha’s Sunday session is bringing one of the best electronic musicians in nowadays scene. Being one of the most in-demand live performing maestros, Stephan Bodzin, is back almost six months after his last visit to Pacha Barcelona to make SIGHT’s crowds go mad with his jams and live patterns. Bodzin has just starred one of the most special performances that can be remembered in recent times, for the streaming platformCercle, live from Piz Gloria’s restaurant, in the outstanding Schilthorn peak in Switzerland. Being already one of SIGHT’s regulars and one of the most sought-after performers of any line-uphis visit surely will be one of the most anticipated of the month. He will be joined by Luna Semara and SIGHT’sresident, Andre Buljat. Get your tickets for Stephan Bodzin’s session by clicking here.

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