Tujamo Drops New Single ‘With U’

tujamo with u

Internationally renowned DJ and producer Tujamo releases another strong single perfectly fit for our epic Summer of 2018. Handpicked to be Untold Festival‘s anthem this year, ‘With U‘ is expertly produced and brimming with festival enthused energy. Alongside the #1 European festival, Tujamo is onto another winner with new effort featuring vocalist Karen Harding.

2018 has seen Tujamo‘s brand of spice continue to excel with his ‘Body Language‘ single. Equally expressive we’ve seen originals ‘Funk You‘ and ‘Riverside (reloaded)‘ become firm favorites on our playlist. ‘With U‘ is the new single that features the confidently delivery of songstress Karen Harding. Again, with this release Tujamo has laid out a distinctive house effort with the ease of an absolute pro. No wonder Tujamo was this year’s top choice for the most epic festival in our calendars…. We’ll see you at Untold!



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