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KYŌ – The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur’s Underground Music Soundscape brings Francois K & Jasper James, Mano Le Tough and Len Faki + more too Asia this season


Monday July 23rd 2018 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur under the city’s iconic Petronas Towers and inside the plush Mandarin Oriental Hotel, club kyō has descended upon Malaysia’s capital city as a party den and catapulted its burgeoning underground music scene into one deserving of a place on the international music map. The kyō brand debuted in Singapore more than three years ago and has consistently pulled in praise from local and international DJs, artists, lifestyle tastemakers and party-goers. It’s impact on the city’s swift and staggering rise was also the focus of a panel discussion at Wired Music Week last month – a sign to the international circuit that KL is city amongst other global party capitals.

Offering a boutique and bespoke environment for discerning music lovers that’s been likened to a cinematic musical playground, the 6,000 sq ft venue borrows design and conceptual elements from Japanese art and theatre. The 770-person capacity club opened in December of 2016 with an investment of £2.3 million apportioned into two multi-sensory spaces – kyō being the flagship main room and ren its smaller and sultrier second space. A large portion of the budget went into outfitting the kyō with a monstrous speaker setup, which comes courtesy of Void Acoustics, Stasys and Eastern Acoustics (see below).

“We built kyō on the ethos of escapism,” explains kyō founder and director Godwin Pereira. “It’s an underground space designed to encompass the multi-faceted expressions of personalities that fill the space, by providing a comfortable environment where guests feel free to indulge in creature comforts. It’s a boutique style of clubbing meant to feel more like home than a super club.”

Before opening, Godwin said that he believed the underground club concept would bring a new dimension to the nightlife scene in KL and set his sights on it becoming an iconic destination in its own right.

“Kuala Lumpur has the right elements for a club concept like kyō to thrive,” Pereira shares. “It has a cosmopolitan dynamism and a music scene teeming with numerous subgenres and collectives, although there is yet to be one specific venue that caters to all of these genres. Kyō KL was created to fulfill this purpose: Housing a spectrum of genres both up-and-coming and forgotten, to bring together a community of music lovers who can enjoy these in one venue.”

You could you could say its nearing mission accomplished for the club as it’s transformed Kuala Lumpur into Asia’s latest party outpost. Since closing the curtain on its first year, the subterranean space has been matched with a host of talent catering to music lovers including Seth TroxlerPan PotJeremy OlanderDubfire&METalib Kweli. Over the next three months, a polished weekly calendar will welcome the next selection of heavyweight names to appear in KL for the first time like Len FakiMano Le ToughBen GoldNakadia and Cosmic Gate. kyō has also engaged in a partnership with renowned London nightclub The Egg that will see the brand head to London in October.



Friday 17th: DJ Fatfingaz

Saturday 18th: Sweatbox Pop Up Party feat Sabb

Thursday 23rd: ViViD & Ohrwurm presents Mano Le Tough

Saturday 25th: Volume presents Francois K & Jasper James


Thursday 6th: ViViD presents Len Faki

Thursday 13th: Kyo KL & Plural presents Cosmic Gate


Saturday 6th: Nakadia

Thursday 11th: Ben Gold

Saturday 13th: Ohruwrm presents Nur Jaber

Friday 26th: Godwin P & Alam @ THE EGG, LONDON


Seth Troxler, Dubfire, Pan Pot, Octave One, Gene Farris, Karizma, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Mark Knight, Chus & Ceballos, Mat Jo, Franky Rizardo, Danny Howells, Doorly, &ME, Chelina Manuhutu, Jeremy Olander, Kenny Glasgow, Matthias Meyer, Trus’Me, Sevendoors, Dee Montero, Amine K, Inga Mauer, Talib Kweli, DJ Nu Mark, DJ Spinbad, DJ Shortkut, DJ Shintaro, DJ Hedspin, DJ Irwan, DJ Baby Yu, DJ Superior, DJ Erok, Goodgrip, DJ Nuckey & Solarstone.


In construction and design, sound was at the forefront of planning and a lot of cost went into the way the rooms were designed for sound enhancement. Both kyō and ren are fit-out with a state-of-the-art sound system that Seth Troxler refers to as one of the best in the world featuring Void Acoustics Tri Motionloudspeakers that are visually striking in appearance and made of ultra-resilient Fibreglass Kevlar. Both rooms have also been outfitted with Stasys X V2 subwoofers that deliver a pulsating and high-octane clubbing experience designed to take club goers on a transcendental journey through a new level of sonic sophistication in KL.


Void Tri Motion loudspeakers

Stasys X V2 Subwoofers


Eastern Acoustic Works

QX596I tops

SB1001 subs

“It may be the best sound system in the world. Space station. So surprised and excited. All done with 8 subs and 4 tops mind blow!” – Seth Troxler via Instagram


 The night awakens with the arrival of kyō Kuala Lumpur. The new heart of the global underground soundscape, kyō mixes its European musical influences and Asian sensibilities in an incredible never been seen before venue. This huge space is home to cutting-edge music and a minimalist industrial chic design with Japanese undertones, creating an explorative space and journey into the underground scene.


Part entrepreneur, part developer, part visionary and all around tastemaker, Godwin Pereira is the creative mastermind behind kyō and several more award-winning concepts around Southeast Asia. His 30 years of experience in the lifestyle and entertainment industries has lauded him as a respected music consultant and bar operator in the region while always remaining firmly plugged into the global communities. kyō Kuala Lumpur has seen Godwin continue in his bold spirit and creative footprint by building a space that has introduced genres of music that were missing in the KL market.




 #B2 & #B3, Mandarin Oriental Hotel
KLCC, 50088, Kuala Lumpur


ren: Wed – Sun 9pm till late (DJ sets from 11pm)

kyō: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 11pm till 5am





See the confirmed line-up for August, September & October below.