TELYKast “Summertime” / Festival Mix

Hot on the heels of releasing “Summertime Feat. Rachel Raquel” last month, LA electronic-pop trio TELYKast have given the track a fired-up reworking with their ‘Festival Mix’.

Download “Summertime” Festival Mix

In this reimagining, the original laid-back vibe of “Summertime” is given a shot of adrenalin that boosts the track into the club arena, with live soaring guitar and a high-energy drop that kicks.

Having caught attention from Billboard, Your EDM, Run The Trap, and more for their remixes of other artists’ work, TELYKast were well overdue turning their hands onto their own music and this remix certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Rachel Raquel’s sultry vocal intro soon gives way to handclaps interspersed with snapping snares that build to an anthemic synth break, cut through with electric guitar.

Casual observers would be hard pressed not to be impressed with the numbers that TELYKast have notched up in the few years since their formation. 16 million Youtube views, over 15 million Spotify streams, and 150,000 followers across their social media channels. A ‘New Music Friday’ inclusion on Spotify, Chainsmokers support slot, and an official remix for RCA artists Lost Kings, haven’t hurt either.



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