Bro Safari + UFO! “N.U.M.B.”

Bro Safari and UFO! are no strangers to working together. With drum n’ bass at the core of both of the producer’s roots and with countless collaborations already under their belt, they’re back in action with a new single “N.U.M.B.” – the first taste of their forthcoming album, Clockwork.

Download “N.U.M.B.”

Fans will notice a modern twist on the artist’s signature style as “N.U.M.B.” and the album as a whole have a strong emphasis on experimental otherworldly sounds. The track starts with an eerie buildup that leads to a trippy and rattling breakdown; swirling into heavy drops filled with animalistic sounds and rhythms.

Clockwork promises to be a conceptual listening journey that connects the constellation dots between experimental bass and other leftfield sounds. It’s a journey through the artist’s personal musical influences with a splash of science fiction and space exploration.

Bro Safari and UFO! will be unveiling their new approach to bass music with a tour, set to hit intimate clubs across North America this fall.

Clockwork will be released in discrete segments over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Key Release dates

N.U.M.B – 08/10/18
“Clockwork (Pt. 1)” – 8/24/18
“Clockwork (Pt. 2)” – 09/07/18
“Clockwork full release” – 09/21/18



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