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The Him & Jordan Jay Team Up On New Tune ‘By Your Side’

The Him

Dutch DJ and producers The Him and Jordan Jay release their new single, making sure you never want to leave their side. It’s a straight up musical pleasure for the ear, with its uplifting piano chords, energetic beat and joyful soul vocal. A perfect tune to turn any occasion into a happy one. Get ready to smile and dance on ‘By Your Side,’ out now on Spinnin’ Records.

By Your Side‘ is the follow up single to The Him‘s recently released ‘Broken Love.’ It’s their first time collabing with fellow Dutchman Jordan Jay. Jeroen Kerstens and Steven berghuijs have been paving their way towards international success since the start of The Him back in 2015. Whether it be crafting infectious melodies with their transcendent originals and innovative remixes or their electrifying crowds with their energetic sets, the duo are the international dance force to be reckoned with.