DJ Snake’s Premiere Classe Records Presents Chace Single ‘Never’

chace never

With two instant-hit originals since its March 2018 launch, ‘Whistle‘ from 4B and Teez (featuring a whopping 18 remixes) and Aazar and Bellecour‘s ‘Da Vinci,’ DJ Snake‘s label Premiere Classe is quickly putting itself at the forefront of excellent dance music curation.

Next up is Chace‘s ‘Never,’ a slightly more mellow sound for the label, the track has a cravable bass house vibe that seamlessly fits into the biggest festival sets throughout the summer. 19 year old Chace is a Shanghai-based pop and dance music prodigy who first made his entrance into the scene via Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family label. Chace has earned the title of the first Chinese DJ to ever perform at Tomorrowland, landed a Diplo & Friends mix as well as a Mad Decent release and created his own label/brand, HOWSHOOD.



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