All Day I Dream Joins Forces With Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Days Like Nights’ For Huge ADE Party

The ADE schedule just got a whole lot more exciting with the announcement of an unmissable day party featuring two of the most acclaimed brands from the deeper, melodic and more mystical end of house and techno. Lee Burridge‘s ‘All Day I Dream‘ joins forces with Dutch hero Eelke Kleijn‘s DAYS like NIGHTS for one very special party on Saturday, October 20th.

Elke Kleijn ADE 2018 Flyer

Taking place in the lofty Transformatorhuis and neighbouring Westerunie in the leafy surroundings of Amsterdam’s Westerpark, this huge party runs from 12:30(PM) through ’til 20:30 with a superb line-up. Lee Burridge is joined by the excellent YokoO in the ADID room, with another guest to be announced, while Eelke Kleijn invites luminaries Dominik EulbergChaim and Nico Morano to deliver their hypnotic, atmospheric sounds in the DLN room.

Expect some gorgeous decor in keeping with ADID‘s legendary outdoor parties. Transformatorhuis offers a lighter atmosphere with its high ceiling, huge windows and exposed brickwork, while Westerunie is a darker space with balconies and podiums overlooking the big dancefloor and thundering sound system. With these two parties having such outstanding reputations by both selling out Woodstock this summer, this is going to be one ADE event you don’t want to miss.

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