Global Hitmaker OMI and Acclaimed DJ and Producer Felix Jaehn Release Feel-Good Music Video for New Single “Masterpiece”

Today, Jamaican artist OMI and German platinum-selling DJ and producer Felix Jaehn release their new music video for record “Masterpiece.”

As mentioned, this is OMI and Felix’s first collaboration since topping the charts in over 50 countries with Felix’s 2015 remix of OMI’s smash hit “Cheerleader,” which spent six weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Since its release Friday, “Masterpiece” has been added to 30 NMF’s on Spotify and featured on over 150 playlists and has been featured on Apple Music’s Best of the Week in over 40 countries!

In the video directed by Miles & AJ (who have done visuals for artists such as Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith, Stanaj, Pell and many more) and produced by Austin Barbera, we are initially greeted by the hit-making duo, OMI and Felix, as they eagerly discuss creating “Masterpiece.” The opening is followed by OMI dancing and singing his way around a home encompassed in beautiful scenery filled with beautiful women. Straying from the typical portrayal of females being admired for their looks, this video does just the opposite and idolizes them with the song as an ode. The camera features close-ups of women of all different shapes and sizes with emphasis on their interests, not just their looks, highlighting the concept that each person, in their own way is different and truly a ‘masterpiece’ just the way they are.

“Sometimes based on the concept of the song it’s kind of difficult not to be cliché when creating a visual depiction that will capture the essence of the song, however with that being said I think the directors nailed it with not only the conceptualization of the video but also the cinematography,” said OMI. “Sometimes simplicity is best especially in this case where this song goes for each and every person, it has to be easy to decode, all technicalities aside though I love the fact that everybody on set was loving this song and enjoying themselves during the shoot. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.”

About OMI:

OMI has seen successes many artists only dream of. His hit record “Cheerleader” spent six non consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart; it went 5x Platinum; it garnered over 4 million Spotify weekly streams and has accumulated more than 230 million YouTube streams. He’s performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and America’s Got Talent — and that’s just in the U.S.

Though over the moon and thankful for these honors and opportunities, the platinum recording artist celebrated his achievements with a heavy heart. OMI’s father, who was also a musician, passed away when he was 9 years old.

“He taught me all he could in such a short period of time. My attitude towards life and my work, I think I inherited from him. I’m forever grateful for that,” he gushes. “I’m living that dream he never got to.”

In the years that have passed since releasing “Cheerleader” and his debut full-length album, Me 4 U, OMI has recharged his body, mind, and soul by spending time with family in Jamaica. He’s also been honing in on his craft —growing as a singer, a songwriter, and a performer. Now, he’s ready to begin his next chapter.

“Music is demanding—it’s very jealous—and if you don’t pay it any mind it will not pay you any mind. When it gets away from you, it’s hard to get it back,” he admits. “I’m in that first stage again, as if I never had a hit record. That’s the hunger, the drive that I have right now in my heart and in my mind.”

The new journey begins with the release of “Masterpiece,” an upbeat, tropical house-driven love song about embracing your partner’s imperfections and admiring them for who they are.  “Cos every time I look at you I’m looking at a masterpiece/ If you’re trying to be perfect you don’t have to be,” OMI croons during the chorus. “Put your body on my body and I’ll tell you honestly/ When I look at you I’m looking at a masterpiece.”

The single sees OMI collaborating with German producer Felix Jaehn for the first time since “Cheerleader.” And this time around, they made it a point to work in person. The two met up in London to record “Masterpiece.”

“The experience was everything I expected it to be,” OMI says about his studio time with Jaehn. The duo bounced ideas off each other, communicated well, shared good vibes and amazing energy. That electricity shows in the infectious reggae fusion track.

“Masterpiece” is the first look into OMI’s upcoming new album — a project that’s fused with Tropical Pop sound and showcases OMI’s continuous progression as an artist. “One of the things I strived to accomplish with this next album is to allow people to see the growth. That to me is everything,” OMI confesses. “You’ve got to be creative and innovative in terms of perspective, because in music the topic never changes. It’s life; it’s what you live. You’ve always got to reinvent yourself.”

At the same time, the album is still OMI. The singer made sure these songs incorporated certain elements that were present in Me 4 U, ensuring a slow and steady transition. “You have to pay tribute to the work that was done initially, because that’s what put you on the map,” he says humbly. “You have to show respect to that.”

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About Felix Jaehn:

Ever since reaching the #1 spot in more than 55 countries with his rework of Omi’s ‘Cheerleader’, German platinum-selling DJ and producer Felix Jaehn has gained international success. ‘Cheerleader’, an undeniably catchy, reggae infused dance hit, topped the charts around the globe including the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Jaehn’s massive breakout single with vocalist Jasmine Thompson, ‘Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)’‚ became a worldwide sensation in 2015, officially establishing him as a fully-fledged superstar, touted by Rolling Stone as an ‘exploding producer’.

A naturally gifted producer from the Baltic Sea Coast, Felix Jaehn is now a household name, achieving global stardom with his unique productions. Having made a name for himself over the years, his collaborations speak for themselves, working with Steve Aoki and Adam Lambert on ‘Can’t Go Home’, and ALMA on ‘Bonfire’. To date, Jaehn’s collective catalogue has been streamed over 1.5 billion times, and he has been awarded a total of 15 gold and 60 platinum records, receiving the ‘Entertainment’ award at the highly prestigious Berlin Bambi Awards in 2016.

With some of the biggest crossover hits of the last few years, Jaehn released his debut studio album ‘I’ in February of 2018. The 25-track album was crafted with a deeply personal touch, highlighting his progress since 2014 and emphasizing his journey. With the help of his team, Jaehn boldly stepped out of his comfort zone in the pursuit of continued sonic innovation, and produced a unique, career encompassing record.

While each of the tracks encompass a unique sound, they all tie together with an overlying positive and energetic vibe, resulting in a sound not only tailored to radio, but also perfect for the clubs. Following the wildly successful release of his debut album ‘I’, Felix Jaehn has returned with a remix album that includes reworked versions of some of his greatest hits to date, including collaborative tracks with Marc E. Bassy and Gucci Mane, R. City and Lost Frequencies to name a few. With new music scheduled for August 2018, Jaehn is forging into the second half of the year with a steady stream of content, closing out the summer festival season in style.

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