YOOKiE Deliver An Earth-Shattering ‘Bassquake’ With Jeff Kush

YOOKiE  ‘Bassquake’ With Jeff Kush ile ilgili görsel sonucu

YOOKiE seem to have something of a Midas touch, as everything the New York duo touch turns to pure, gleaming, bass-laden gold. Anthony and Christopher Alfaro – aka YOOKiE – now unleash a power-driven track that’ll blow you off your feet, teaming up Pennsylvania’s own hype man Jeff Kush for new single ‘Bassquake.’

Minimal, yet satisfyingly hard-hitting, ‘Bassquake‘ flaunts an undeniable energy that’ll keep bass fans satisfied all through festival season and beyond. Rarely has a track title matched the music more accurately, as this one aims to leave heads pounding and hearts racing. This certainly isn’t the first time YOOKiE have released an earth-shattering smasher, as the brothers continue to master and channel their production skill with effortless appeal.

Bassquake‘ flaunts an intriguing blend of old and new, as YOOKiE pair nostalgic hip-hop undertones with modern bass flare.




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