Botnek “Days Of Disco” / Musical Freedom

Canadian duo Gordon and Erick, better known as Botnek release the ultimate genre-defying debut single, Days Of Disco. Out now on Tiësto’s esteemed label – Musical Freedom.

Download “Days Of Disco”

A track that pays homage to the “Days Of Disco” whilst incorporating heavy bass house sounds, Botnek have merged the unlikely genre pair together like no one has ever done before.

Warping breakdowns are complemented with grooving synth patterns as the duo combine disco undertones with rumbling beats that are sure to get the eardrums ringing and the toes tapping. Botnek tell us how Days Of Disco came together:

“Days Of Disco” started as a rap remix that we never finished on time but we kept playing it in our sets and it kept going off. We found a vocal talking about disco and at the very last second, as a joke, we thought “What if there was a totally sassy fill where the song suddenly switches into actual disco?” and BAM. It made us laugh so hard that it stuck.”

Combine alluring grooves and saucy synths and you’ve got Botnek, hailing from Canada, the duo formed through their mutual love of music and beer. Since meeting in 2010 the duo has been inseparable, releasing a whole host of genre-bending tunes proving their capability as versatile producers.

With previous break through release Tremors surpassing 6 million streams along with a growing and varied discography expect big things to come with their debut Musical Freedom release – Days Of Disco.



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