LIINKS ‘Ridge Road’ via The Funk Hunters’ imprint

The story of Victoria duo LIINKS, and how the pair came to be, is littered with chance encounters and seemingly random events that make the duo seem almost pre-destined for stardom. After linking up and creating a song, they were notified by a Korean lawyer that their track had been stolen and released by Korean pop star Hyori Li and gone #1 across Korea. After settling out of court, the pair decided to make their partnership official and thus, LIINKS was born. Comprised of Georgia Murray and Tony Day aka “DWHIZ,” the pair have collaborated with Bob Ezrin of Pink Floyd and KISS, RL Grime, Travis Barker, Datsik, Ephwurd, The Funk Hunters, and more. Their collaboration with The Funk Hunters is what eventually led to LIINKS being signed to label Westwood Recordings, where today they are releasing brand new single “500 Roses” off their forthcoming album.

A pop-leaning electronic track, “500 Roses” showcases both artist’s most revered skill sets as Murray’s world-renowned vocals take center stage on the four-minute single. Setting the foundation for Murray’s mesmerizing singing ability, DWHIZ has constructed a robust production packed with both electronic and organic instrumentation from pace-setting percussion, to emotive strings, vocal distortion, 808s, and a myriad of ingenious sound design nuances. “500 Roses” follows first album single “Ceiling Fan-” a venture into the chill side of pop music whose raw subject matter and poignant performance has set the stage for what’s to come on the remainder of the LP.

“500 ROSES”
STREAM: Spotify | Apple Music | Soundcloud
Out Now Via Westwood Recordings

If this is your first introduction to LIINKS, the pair have quite a long and fascinating track record. Their first official single titled “The Break” was released independently and charted at #35 on CHR Billboard and #18 on the Canadian Emerging Artist chart. With two charting songs under their belt, the industry started to take notice of their songwriting and production abilities and they signed a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group and relocated to Los Angeles. They’ve opened for KRS One, Method Man, Macy Grey, Jurassic 5, Talib Kweli, and Bishop Briggs, and also performed at Osheaga, Fvded In The Park, Bass Coast, Chasing Summer, and the Vancouver Folk Festival. Georgia is quite an esteemed artist in her own right. Younger sister of Clifton Murray, a member of the world renowned platinum selling group The Tenors, Georgia records and producers all of her own vocals. Her bewitching voice and stage presence have awarded her a chance to sing the Canadian and American national anthems at Madison Square Garden, a spot playing a lounge singer on Boston Legal, and a performance for billionaire Warren Buffet alongside DWHIZ in Jackson Hole Wyoming. With a wide assortment of accolades both as a duo and as solo artists, LIINKS trajectory is looking to take off at a whirlwind pace.



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