L.I.Y.A. “California” / Official Music Video

L.I.Y.A., the new project from 18-year-old musical prodigy Kaya Stewart and revered singer / writer / producer Jamie Lidell, has dropped the official video for their first single, “California”.

Download “California”

Originally premiering on The FADER, who called the track “an airy song about the left-coast with Kaya’s powerful voice and a lot of wobbles courtesy of Jamie“, the song encapsulates the darker side of a couple of stoner youths falling out of love and fantasizing about California as if that would solve their problems.

The video, shot by 19-year-old Amory Flint Wood, is a sunny juxtaposition of the darker lyrics and the dreamy pay off chorus.

Speaking with Billboard, Kaya added that the song and video are an homage to her home state, playing off “the fantasy people have about this dream place,” and a past relationship that had a former love interest “move to California to figure out what he was going to do with his life.




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