Dzeko + Kris Kaiden “Hypebeat” | Musical Freedom

Following on from Anthem and the huge release alongside Tiësto himself – Jackie Chan, Canadian producer Dzeko returns to the critically acclaimed label. This time with Kris Kaiden by his side as they team up for Hypebeat – out now on Musical Freedom!

Download “Hypebeat”

A collaboration that boasts pounding drums amongst a disjointedly stratospheric bassline, combined with a distorted vocal makes Hypebeat a scorching release between two greats, Dzeko and Kris Kaiden. A powerful pair to be reckoned with, the DJs reveal the ‘hype’ behind Hypebeat:

“The track has a unique groove and drop to it. It goes off every time!” – DZEKO

We spent a lot of time in the studio with this one. Dzeko and I wanted something different and unique that any DJ could play regardless of their style. I feel we accomplished that with Hypebeat.” – KRIS KAIDEN



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