San Holo “Brighter Days” feat. Bipolar Sunshine

Recording artist, DJ, guitar player and singer, San Holo has announced the release of his next track: ‘brighter days’ ft. Bipolar Sunshine.

Download “Brighter Days”

brighter days’ is an ode to the realization that “even though things sometimes don’t work out between people, life goes on and brighter days will come. While at the same time, we sometimes still wonder if that other person thinks about the past experiences you shared.”

“San Holo straddles the line between the electronic and pop worlds, all the while creating a new space for rising talent with his label bitbird and cementing himself as an industry juggernaut.” – Fault Magazine
San Holo describes working with Bipolar Sunshine on ‘brighter days’: “The first time I met Bipolar Sunshine we had a studio set up in the kitchen of an Airbnb. He came to our place and we started writing on the couch and outside, wherever, got some coffee…it felt very natural writing songs with him, we were very much on the same wavelength regarding lyrics. I’ve always loved the song he did for DJ Snake, “Middle.” I really love his songwriting and his voice, I love the fact that his voice is not so perfect and it’s got some rough edges. You can authentically hear that in the recording as well, the verses are not perfect, it’s not perfectly polished, but it sounds very unique and very much like him.”

San Holo continues his live touring schedule on the main stage at Electric Zoo NYC among other dates such as Lollapalooza Berlin and Austin City Limits.

His touring set up will include a full Ableton for the first time, in addition to San’s use of the guitar and his live singing. Kicking off on October 31st in St. Pete FL, San will be hitting over 30 cities during his North American Tour, where fans will be able to experience the sounds of his debut album.

Tickets and VIP Package on sale now at

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