Empire Music Entertainment Announce Brand New Label “empireXstream”


Ready to push forward an enticing new addition to the evolving musical landscape, Empire Music Entertainment imprint unveils a fresh new sub label titled empireXstream. Showcasing diverse styles reaching across difference shades of hip hop, empireXstream looks set to provide listeners with material ranging from hip hop & rap grooves.

Keeping Empire Studio Records at the helm with its expertise of putting forward the elite in ethnic and house styles, empireXstream seeks to fill the gap with new artists and rising talent, keeping in line with hip hop, which will also be used as a platform the empireXstream releases going forward.

With Empire Studio Records always putting the music first, with a penchant for unearthing exciting new artists and future stars, empireXstream looks to follow suit, keeping the philosophy of finding the best the world has to offer and providing a platform for global artist to be heard. Bringing together songs which have the ability to inspire real mainstream radio appeal, with a powerful, dance music edge, the label seeks to deliver tracks perfect for radio play and streaming services.

From music to fashion , Empire Music Entertainment sells attitude and image. The company oversees the business interests of its founder, owner, and CEO Ozgur “TMC” Timucin, a music impresario and business mogul.

With the first release ‘Hopeless (Down on My Luck) by Mu Diamonds coming soon, the tracks vocal leading what’s in store for the label, with plenty more announcements soon to come, 2018 looks set to be an exciting year for empireXstream !

empirexstream.com 001 YOUTUBE


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