Julian Jordan & Timmy Trumpet Finally Collaborate On The Refreshing Monster ‘Attention’

Julian Jordan & Timmy Trumpet  ‘Attention’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the dancefloor and hear the usual mix of bangers and styles, Julian Jordan returns with a phenomenally original track to break the mould once again. Created alongside Australian DJ, producer and trumpeter, Timmy Trumpet, ‘Attention‘ is one of the freshest tracks of 2018.

A heavily swung beat ticks away as the track begins, with a warped, distorted vocal loop rising slowly alongside tense synth sounds. A dancehall vocal line cuts through and loops over a snare build before we’re slammed down into a hyperactive, bouncy groove. Coming across like a pogo stick jumping around on a bass-filled bouncy castle, it’s one of the most infectious rhythms of the year.

Stuttering synths and clevelry chopped vox increase the intensity before we’re unexpectedly thrown headfirst into a heavy metal-style section of thrashing guitars, screeching vocals and thundering drums. It’s a hugely refreshing and original switch-up for the mid-point of this track, and when that offbeat bounce returns it’s all the more potent from this juxtaposition. An absolute madhouse of a track!

The origins of the track stretch back to one of Julian‘s ADE parties a few years back where he and Timmy met for the first time. They have been sending each other ideas for tracks ever since, and finally ‘Attention‘ is the first fruits of their collective labour. Out on Julian‘s label Goldkid, you can expect to hear it at Julian‘s ADE show at Martin‘s Social Club in Amsterdam on Saturday, October 20th, and you might even see and hear Timmy there too!


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