“If there’s one thing 2018 isn’t short of, it’s incredible up-and-coming producers – and Deathpact

 has recently exploded onto that list in incredible fashion. Although we don’t know…really anything about this enigmatic producer, their heavy sound design says it all”  
– This Song Is Sick
Today, September 14, the enigmatic new mystery project Deathpact is back again with another heavy track “Piston.” Deathpact is currently on the come-up fueled by the success of the debut single “Danger” and a heavy collaboration with REZZ “Life & Death.” The REZZ collaboration has served as the fan favorite on her new album ‘Certain Kind of Magic,’ and is electrifying festival speakers around the world. Deathpact has gained over 247,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and the second single “First Interference” has appeared on the influential Fresh Electronic Dance Rising Playlists.
These, along with new track “Circadian” will appear on Deathpact‘s debut EP Cipher One out next Friday, September 21.
Listen to “Piston” here
“Piston” has the stylistic elements of house and mid-tempo electro. Driven by its pulsating bassline, it combines all heavy sounds of the electronic music spectrum. With each new release Deathpact, continues to defy genres while honing in on a signature sinister sound. This unique, dark style is a testament to Deathpact‘s versatility in production and trendsetting. The use of ambient noise samples and a spooky soundscape fuels the commotion behind the mystery.
See the website here:
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