Exclusive interview with Dannic !


FYS : Hey Dannic! Introduce yourself and the music that you make!
Dannic : Hi! I’m Dannic, a DJ and producer from the Netherlands and I make house music and big-room electro!
FYS : Tell us specifically more about your latest single ‘Tenderlove’ – what inspired it and what is the mood behind it?
Dannic : It’s a grooving house track, which is what I always aim for, grooves and melody to be at the centre of what I do, but it has much more of a radio-friendly, accessible feel which is why I’m so proud of my relationship with Spinnin’ Records. It is one of the best labels in the world and to be working so closely with all the support of an amazing Dutch company as an exclusive artist with them is great and really offers up a snapshot of my Dannic sound in the purest, freshest way.

Listen ‘ Tenderlove’

FYS : And you have your own label Fonk Recordings, what is the story there?
Dannic : Yes, and I am still releasing music on that! Fonk is like my baby, a labour of love that allows me to champion new artists all around the world that are making this really cool, part-ready, big-room sound.
FYS : So, how did you first get to where you are now? What was your breakthrough moment in the industry?
Dannic : I have DJ’d for many years, at bars in Breda where I am from, at friends parties, you name it, I did it because it was my passion! But everything really started flowing when I won the international Dancetour competition back in 2009 and my first international gig first followed which really felt like a dream come true! Everything snowballed from there really, to signing tracks to Revealed Recordings, working with guys like Hardwell.
FYS : You’ve played everywhere from Tomorrowland to Sunburn, Vegas and holding down your own Tokyo residency but what do you prefer; solo club shows, or festival sets?
Dannic : I really enjoy solo shows, my festival in Tokyo this year was a particular highlight because I got the chance to return and get the vibe of the city and the fans just that little bit more than a one-off show. I felt like I built up a relationship and a deeper knowledge and respect, which to me is so important, to really understand where my music is being received and to show that respect and appreciation back to audiences.
FYS : Where has been your favourite country to play and why? Where do you wish to play, that you haven’t visited yet?
Dannic : Oh, wow, well above I mentioned Tokyo and I always love playing Asia specifically; Thailand, China, India, the whole region, I love the people, the warmth, the food, the cultures and how you can dig as deep as you want. Truly always a favourite region to visit, when I see it on my calendar I get so excited! I would love to play a gig in Hawaii, it looks so beautiful!
FYS : What are you currently working on? Another single, an album, or focusing on your live show?
Dannic : Lots of exciting productions still to come before the end of the year, and looking forward to our FONK party at a busy ADE again this year, the past two years have sold-out completely and we’ve had some crazy special guests, I love to play those shows, it feels like a true showcase of our talents.

FYS : Who are some of your biggest inspirations in the industry?
Dannic :Hardwell and Tiesto, they really flew the flag for Dutch artists at the front of their scene.
FYS : And who should we be looking out for, coming through the ranks? Who has been making your sets explode with their music lately?
Dannic : Pessto – he’s a Fonk signee that is making really exciting stuff at the moment, I always get hyped when I see new demos from him in my inbox!

FYS : And finally, what is your life motto?
Dannic : Love more, laugh more!

Thanks for speaking to us Dannic!


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