Conrank Drops ‘Buk Em’ On Circus Records

Conrank ‘Buk Em’  Circus Records ile ilgili görsel sonucu

International bass ambassador Conrank‘s tireless mission to decimate dancefloors continues with the earth-shaking ‘Buk Em,’ continuing his run of similarly weighty weapons for Circus and hot off speaker-busting collaboration ‘Easy Does It‘ with Bassnectar for the Reflective Part 3 project.

Calling on the cavernous sonics and 10 tonne basslines of the classic dubstep era, Conrank brings these formidable methods bang up to date with ultra-modern production values and a merciless desire for mass mayhem. Anyone catching one of Conrank‘s relentless live shows will testify to the havoc when one of his trademark productions drops.

Conrank will join Space Jesus for an extensive tour this fall, spreading the word across the US for anyone brave enough to experience the explosive scenes. Consider yourself warned.

Advertising 001 YOUTUBE


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