Matthias Meyer + Ryan Davis “Love Letters From Sicily”

It was nearly a year ago when these two graced with their hugely successful track ‘Hope’ on the Watergate XV various artist compilation. Matthias Meyer and Ryan Davis come together again to deliver the stunning ‘Love Letters From Sicily’ where infectious organic grooves pave the way for a flourishing well of emotions in the form of lush pads and shimmering sonics that unfold into a tale of epic cinematic proportions.

Download “Love Letters From Sicily”

From start to finish it’s an intimate piece of aural imagery, yet the duo always keep a keen percussive focus making it ideal for any dancefloor moment.

To complement ‘Love Letters from Sicily’, the one and only John Digweed has been enlisted to rework Meyer and Davis’ original of ‘Hope’, and with no surprise, he’s given it the master’s touch.

Staying true to the original, while at the same time reinventing the storyline and constructing tension by saving the powerful harmonies for a later climax, he’s crafted a revision that’s both driving and timeless.

Advertising 001 YOUTUBE


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