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Exclusive interview with Sophie Francis

This week we are speaking all things music with the immensely skilled artist Dutch DJ and producer Sophie Francis !

FYS : Hey Sophie! Introduce yourself and the music that you make!

Sophie Francis : Hey guys 😀 I’m Sophie Francis, a 19 year old dj/producer from the Netherlands. If I need to describe my style it would be dance pop with folk influences. Sometimes with urban and electronic vibes. I love making this type music that gives a good vibe and makes people happy, through very melodic and energetic drops. I always try to do it with a very positive feeling and inspirational happy lyrics that give the right message that connects people.
FYS : Tell us specifically more about your latest single ‘Stay Up’ – what inspired it and what is the mood behind it?

Sophie Francis : The story of ‘Stay Up’ is quite long and there was a very fun creative process behind the track. First we had a song called ‘Unbreakable’ that came out of a writing camp in Amsterdam. I did produce the song with my friend ‘Jim Ericson’. We made a very melodic and cheerful drop with a special summer vibe, but sadly enough we couldn’t clear the rights of the song. This meant I had to go back into the study in Holland and we recorded some really cool new guitar chords. After this I got together with my friends, the Dutch writers duo ‘The Companions’ and we wrote a new song. From this all ‘Stay Up’ was born. I am so happy that I took this step, because ‘Sasha Ranges’ of ‘The Companions’, recorded vocals and I love his voice. You can actually also listen to him on my other single ‘Without You’.

FYS : And how did you first get to where you are now? What was your breakthrough moment in the industry?

Sophie Francis : The first steps to get to where I am right now, was meeting my amazing manager. She really believed in me and that helped me getting to where I am now. I think pin pointing a breakthrough is really hard.. . but my personal breakthroughs are every show, if I can get a smile on someone’s face and see them go crazy to my music, those are epic moments they make me super happy. I don’t like to talk about myself, but what I hear from people is that one of the factors that make me stand out is my energy and my way of connecting with the public during my performances. We know how to make a party!

FYS : You’ve played everywhere from ULTRA to ADE and Tomorrowland – but what do you prefer; solo club shows, or festival sets?

Sophie Francis : For me the most important is to deliver a show where people have an awesome moment and connect with each other. It doesn’t matter if it is a club or a festival, but the most important is to create an unforgettable party experience. Of course, everyone knows that people coming to festivals like Ultra or Tomorrowland, come with a special attitude to have the time of their lives. So, the energy levels there are unbelievable. But also in clubs in Mallorca, Myanmar, Japan or all over the world we have absolutely crazy parties. I just love it all!

FYS : Tell us about your favourite stand-out moment from a show you’ve played this year…

Sophie Francis : There were so many awesome shows this year it’s really hard to choose just a few… but I’ll try 😛 I really loved Parookaville, playing at the mainstages of Ultra Korea, EDC China, Ultra Beijing also BCM Mallorca, Palmesus Norway and Starbeach in Greece. Those parties were pure fire.

FYS : Where has been your favourite country to play and why? Where do you wish to play, that you haven’t visited yet?

Sophie Francis : That is really hard to choose, I really love playing in Asia in general because the energy is crazy! I would love to go to South America, as I have not been there yet and I heard they have some really awesome parties there.

FYS :What are you currently working on? Another single, an album, or focusing on your live show?

Sophie Francis : Since I finished high school last year, I have been touring a lot and working on developing my music productions. I think that after four years working in the studio I finally got a sound direction that you can hear in my latest tracks like ‘Hearts of Gold’ and ‘Stay Up’ and in my new single ‘Weekend Love’, which is getting released the 5th of October on Spinnin’ Records. You can hear a connection between those tracks, which are the melodies and instruments. I love where I am at now, so I am working on multiple singles in this direction. I have some singles prepared already, which I cannot say anything about yet, as it will be a surprise. I am also doing some remixes, as you can hear on Atlantic Records. The remix I made for the Broadway musical ‘Mean Girls – I’d rather be me’ and of course preparing lots of new energetic club tracks for release and for my live shows.

FYS : Who are some of your biggest inspirations in the industry?

Sophie Francis : There are so many talented people in this industry, which makes it really hard to choose. If I have to … I would say Tiësto because his music feels good. He doesn’t look at specific genres, he keeps reinventing himself for so many years and he is a super big influence and trendsetter in our scene. Also, I love music that has a positive energy and I think Tiësto really know how to do that.

FYS :And who should we be looking out for, coming through the ranks? Who has been making your sets explode with their music lately?

Sophie Francis : You should definitely check out the Dutch duo ‘TV Noise’! Their music is crazy good, they are signed on Martin Garrix’s label ‘STMPD RCRDS’. Everyone is playing their tracks at the moment. Not only are they super talented, they are very fun to hang out with.

FYS : And finally, what is your life motto?

Sophie Francis : I have one saying that I always try to live by: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

Thanks for speaking to us Sophie!

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