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Stupead “Stupead EP” | Sony France

Stupead is the multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer behind Sony France’s new Stupead EP. Teased by the celebratory Viva El Peru single and poignant release of The One earlier in the year, Stupead returns with three more tracks tailored specifically for your electronic playlist.

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At the ripe age of 6, Stupead explored his first musical adventure at a French music school where he learned to play the drums and later classical guitar. Heavily influenced by bands like Rage Against the Machine and Black Keys, Stupead formed a rock band with friends from college.

After years passed Daft Punk ignited an electronic music passion, and Stupead was born. Previous support from massive tastemakers Majestic Casual and MrSuicideSheep ensured a quick signing from Sony. Stupead later was proud to join the line up at legendary French club Showcase alongside huge names Marshmello and Lemaitre.

Stupead’s new EP draws influence from an eclectic range of music. The five-track EP engulfs you in sound, presenting massive tracks that hold rhythmic and acoustic percussions. Each delving into unique stories, The One is a melancholy love song with emotive undertones and a definite level of uncertainty.

My Fault is a jittery upbeat song where Stupead build an unmissable atmosphere through sudden blasts of bass and a more sporadic and interrupted rhythm. The lead single Yeah is an effortless pop tune that evokes summer memories, with a laidback groove.

Stupead’s new EP is a solid body of work that explores the producer’s wide range of skills, and passion for diverse music. As always, Stupead has tackled the project with the prowess of a music pro and has delivered the perfect fusion of pop, edm, r&b and everything in between.

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