Ronko “Ronin EP” | Musical Freedom

Since gaining attention from label boss TiëstoRonko delivered his debut single Four To The Flooras part of Musical Freedom’s various artists’ compilation. Proving his potential, he returns with the Ronin EP a four-track masterpiece that falls into the slightly darker corners of the dance realms.

Download “Ronin” EP

Kicking off the release is Bun It Up, setting the tone for the remainder of the EP with bass house breakdowns and an urban vocal. Second to step up is Riddim Stick featuring a dark bassline, ideal for the grungy underground dancefloors.

Round House Kick lifts the EP into energized dimensions, with spirited synth melodies whilst still maintaining that solid drum line. Drawing the EP to a close is Sakura, throwing the EP into full throttle with edgy breakdowns creating a thrilling scene of a warrior heading to battle.

Ronko shares his inspiration for the EP:
“The idea behind the EP is to it get in touch with your inner samurai. Because deep inside we’re all samurais!”

With a keen ear for a slick production, Ronko honed his craft learning to play multiple instruments including piano and guitar from early childhood. Still in studying mode, Ronko was already releasing on esteemed labels and gaining recognition from the likes of Hardwell, David Guetta and Steve Aoki.

With great ability and passion Ronko was formerly a teacher at Hermand Brood Academy in the Netherlands, teaching one of the biggest names – Martin Garrix who later invited him to remix his 2014 hit Animals.

Now back from a well-deserved hiatus, Ronko delivers some originals for 2018, having already released club hit Four To The Floor, the producer treats us to the Ronin EP that you don’t want to miss.

Check out the Ronin EP from Ronko OUT NOW on Musical Freedom!

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