DEATHPACT Has Arrived With Debut EP ‘CIPHER ONE’ Out Now On AWAL/Kobalt

the enigmatic new mystery artist Deathpact shares the project’s debut EP CIPHER ONE on AWAL/Kobalt. This five-track EP serves as an exploration into an unknown industrial sound in electronic music. Itsnewest track “Circadian” explores yet another variety of heavy noise that meshes with the artist’s signature dark sound.
Listen to Cipher One now at:
“Circadian” is another dark mid-tempo jam that explores the use of ambient samples. The track opens and progresses with the sounds of ticking clocks, alarm buzzers and a deep voice that repeats the phrase “wake up.” The song adds intrigue behind the mystery of Deathpact.
The Deathpact name first popped up from a heavy collaboration with REZZ“Life & Death,” a collaboration which has served as the fan favorite on her new album Certain Kind of Magic, electrifying her festival sets around the world. Since, Deathpact‘s rise has been fueled by the hard-hitting singles “Danger,” “First Interference” and “Piston.”
Over the last several weeks, Deathpact imagery popped up on the streets of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, while new music was teased with a mysterious Twitter and Instagram campaign most recently featuring a photo with a GPS coordinate half scratched out with “DEATHDROP ONE 📞” and REZZ replying to the tweet with information. Her fans discovered by calling the Deathpact phone number, that has been circulating since launching “Danger” ([917] 283-2750), a unique location was uncovered containing a lockbox that could be unlocked using the key code provided by REZZ. Upon opening the box, a USB with a TXT File could be found where they could use to unlock an early free download of CIPHER ONE EP as well as two unreleased tracks.
Collectively Deathpact‘s compelling tracks have gained over 266,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has appeared on the influential Fresh Electronic Dance Rising Playlists.
The full track listing for CIPHER ONE:
  1. Delightful Introduction
  2. Danger
  3. First Interference
  4. Piston
  5. Circadian
Deathpact has received critical acclaim in the blogsphere:
“If there’s one thing 2018 isn’t short of, it’s incredible up-and-coming producers – and Deathpact has recently exploded onto that list in incredible fashion. Although we don’t know…really anything about this enigmatic producer, their heavy sound design says it all” – This Song Is Sick
“Dance fans have been driven into a frenzy over their hunger to know just who Deathpact is. The mysterious act, who refuses to disclose their identity, made a name for itself as a collaborator on REZZ‘ debut album. Their first single stood fine on its own sans a big name on is bill too, with their innovative, bass-leaning stylings leading many to question whether or not Deathpact’s identity belonged to Madeon.” – Dancing Astronaut
“The sinister sound and spooky soundscapes have already attracted thousands to streaming platforms, as while Deathpact may have just surfaced the project has already seen 169,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The added support from artists like REZZ has only boosted the number of people tuning in and has continued to add to the curiosity of exactly who is producing this material.” – EDM Identity
It’s impossible to say when or if we will ever learn who Deathpact is. But until that day comes, enjoy the songs that are being released.” –EDM Tunes
For more information on Deathpactcall (917) 283-2750
or visit:
Advertising 001 YOUTUBE


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