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Exclusive interview with Ken Bauer

ken bauer serenade ile ilgili görsel sonucu

FYS : Welcome to Find Your Sounds, Ken! How’s your summer been?
KEN BAUER : Quite hectic. I did a road trip over to the US, been in talks with labels and completed a couple of remixes that have been released by Ninetone Records, distributed by Universal Music.

FYS : Your latest record ‘Serenade’ is another MainStage sounding track – what inspired it?
KEN BAUER : It was actually a friend of mine working as a radio DJ in Spain, he challenged me to do a Club track with Spanish guitars and it turned out extremely well – with heavyweight DJ support, as well as being featured by several EDM Spotify playlists.

FYS : You’ve picked up plenty of A list DJ support in recent times, what’s the highlight been for you so far?
KEN BAUER : I was very proud to find out that two of my favourite DJs, Sander Van Doorn and Quintino supported my previous tracks ‘Cendres’ and ‘Funk You’. And with regards to my latest track Serenade, I was thrilled to see it being picked up by Armada’s Bigroom playlist on Spotify.

FYS : What’s the scene like in your native Stockholm?
KEN BAUER :The great thing with Stockholm, is that you can find everything here. Techno, House, Future House and Bass to MainStage EDM.

FYS : What musical influences impacted you most growing up?
KEN BAUER : I loved and still do listen to Trance music. Even though I do Electro House myself, I have always loved the hypnotic and melodic elements of Trance.

FYS : How do you view the rise of streaming services for an up & coming artist, as a positive or negative?
KEN BAUER : I would say it is all positive. What I love with streaming services such as Spotify, is that it is all about the music. If people like your music, Spotify will eventually find out and promote you to even more people. It is always a really cool feeling when your tracks have been featured on a playlist and you literally see your playcounter increase, right in front of your eyes. Back in the days, you had to be backed by major record labels but now everyone can get their music heard.

FYS : What artist would be your dream collaboration be with?
KEN BAUER : I would say Armin Van Buuren and Hardwell. And please don’t make me choose between them. lol. Maybe all three of us could collaborate on a track?

FYS : And finally, what’s up next release wise for Ken Bauer?
KEN BAUER : I have some remixes I have to complete and a couple of interesting collaborations, as well as a few of my own tracks coming up. And I cant wait to share them with you.

Till next time, Ken!

ken bauer serenade ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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