Tiga’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix + The Dove “Vault Traxx”

Tiga was featured on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix over the weekend. The two-hour set showcased exclusive unreleased cuts from the Turbo main man.

The internet goes ape-wack every time we mention The Dove. Net sleuths the World Wild Web over have pooled their intelligence to determine that it’s an alias. But for whom? And for what because?

It was released on Gigolo Records and it was the track that launched Tiga into the stratosphere, helping to define a new genre and era and turning into a crossover hit that he would never look back from.

The Dove “Vault Traxx”

The intrigue gets all the more enthralling when you find out that The Dove is opening up his vaults all the way back to the filing cabinets housing the hottest secret tracks of 2012. No one else was doing rave-inspired breakbeat jams like these back then, and absolutely no one else is releasing them now.

Time-masked identity gateways aside, this is some of Twin Turbo’s best output ever. It’s not every day a label harnesses the energies of three different eras in two high-quality digital recordings. But today is not every day.

Depending on who you ask, Tiga’s alter ego The Dove is either the best or worst-kept secret in the technosphere. Either way, his alias has frequently afforded him the chance to bash out gems without too many preconceptions. This two-track EP proves he’s been sitting on a veritable goldmine. Released on Turbo Recordings sub-label, ‘Twin Turbo’ Feels Like Fire builds slowly from the pitter-patter of woodblock-style percussion and juicy, throbbing toms, with a none-more-classic breakbeat rising up in tandem with squelchy acid percolation. It’s a thundering slab of a track, relentless, murky and driving. Hypnobreaks Bonus Beats does exactly what it says on the tin, mashing up metallic breakbeats and old skool snares with brooding monotone bass thrusts and spooky, distorted atmospheric wafts.

“Essentially it’s a side project for tracks that I think are a bit off my usual output” he says. It’s less an alias than a persona he adopts after his third-morning bowl of cereal, when he goes and wanders around the neighborhood in search of someone to inspire.”
– Tiga

Vault Traxx comes after Tiga dropped the “HAL EP” with Kölsch, comprised of HAL – previously released as a single & regularly featured on BBC R1 dance shows, championed by Annie Mac, Pete Tong & others – as well as First Blood and Still So High. Tiga also just unveiled his brand-new party concept, ‘No Boring Records’.


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