Veluzz unveils new single ‘Show You’

Veluzz - Show You ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Following a continued roll of releasing feel good electronica & coming hot off the back of debut single ‘Sleepaway’ & more recently, ‘Tomorrow’ – Spanish artist Veluzz returns in fine style.

Veluzz is an artist who comes with an endearing backstory & one of overcoming a number of personal obstacles – born with the strength & faith to move forwards towards his goals, the rising artist comes hot off the back of debut single ‘Sleepaway’ & more recently ‘Tomorrow’.

This time, he presents ‘Show You’ & the cut see’s the emerging talent deliver another slice of vocal goodness, further underlining his continued artistic rise. Along with the Original, the package also features a stripped back Instrumental & a more club heavy re-work, as Veluzz‘s ascent up the global ranks moves on at an enviable pace. 

Music is life & melody is Veluzz‘s ongoing legacy, stayed tuned as ‘Show You’ fires up in the weeks ahead. 

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