Tolga Maktay returns with extensive ‘Garden of Clouds’ EP.


Tolga Maktay has a lot to reflect on in 2018. Since their debut in 2016, Tolga Maktay has been a shining star on Empire Studio Records label. Now, he’s putting the proverbial on top of their accomplishments in their career so far with the release of him new EP, ‘Garden of Clouds’.All around, ‘Garden of Clouds’ is something we can all relate to.


Artist : Tolga Maktay
Title : Clouds of Garden (EP)
Tracklist :
1.Tolga Maktay – Garden of Clouds (Original Mix)
2.Tolga Maktay – Sagar (Original Mix)
3.Tolga Maktay – Walking with Hippies (Original Mix)
4.Tolga Maktay – Wooded Road (Original Mix)
Catalog No: EMPSR075
Label: Empire Studio Records
Release date: Oct.12.2018 (All Digital Stores)

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