Emilie Brandt Delivers Emotional New Single ‘Grey’


Following the release of her debut album ‘Freeform’, Emilie Brandt delivers yet another mesmerizing production, ‘Grey’ is available to stream and purchase now.
Having compiled tens of millions of plays in 2017 through original EDM collaborations, Emilie Brandt continues to set a standard with her flamboyant creations and diverse talent. Her debut album ‘Freeform’, which came out this past June, is a catalogue of tracks that are oozing with personality and energy, bringing sounds of electro-pop, alt-rock, indie and everything in-between. The album undoubtedly leaves fans etching for more, proving Brandt is the artist that the industry have been waiting for.

Although Brandt’s new single is entitled Grey, the track is most definitely far from dreary. Brandt’s mesmerizing vocals captivate listeners while vibrant upbeat synths build stronger into explosive electro drops. Brandt’s catchy rhythmic production accompanied by her eloquent lyrical style combine to make ‘Grey’ an endlessly playable hit.

Speaking on the creation of the track Emilie notes “GREY was inspired by an ex of mine who said to me “Emilie, why do you always have to be so black and white about everything?” I remember thinking, “I never thought a grey area would be so desirable.” In my struggle with my mental health this past year, I have learned a lot about myself. One of the lines is, “my brain is a blessing, my brain is a curse,” which came from a moment of realizing that we choose the light we see ourselves in. We don’t get to choose what chemical imbalances we have to deal with throughout our lives, but we do get to choose how we handle it. Flowers grow from dirt; the dirt is all of my bullshit and the flowers are my songs.” – EMILIE BRANDT

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