Lane 8 Releases “Little By Little Remixed”

lane 8 little by little remixed

Lane 8‘s Little By Little full length LP was released in January of 2018, merging the worlds of electronica, house and progressive into one super-genre. Named DJ Mag North America’s album of the year and praised by ForbesBillboardMIXMAG303 MagazineCBS, October and more, Little By Little was not only a monumental step for Daniel Goldstein, but also the electronic community as a whole.

Now, almost seven months later, the LP is graced with a full remix pack featuring re-works from some of the most classical artists in the genre to some of its newest faces. Notable remixes from the iconic Dirty South and the talented Tinlicker act as flagship edits while also providing a platform for up and comers like label-signees AnderholmAvoure and KhaenDirty South and Anderholm‘s remixes have been released prior to today, along with one by Ben Böhmerreached the coveted #1 spot on Hype Machine.

2018 saw Lane 8 sell out San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre, Los Angeles’ NovoBrooklyn Steel twice, and London’s Phonox among others. Goldstein now finds himself in the midst of Phase II of his Little By Little album tour, hitting secondary targets and taking his This Never Happened show concept far and wide.

As Goldstein prepares to unveil the next steps of his artistic journey, he handed the torch to some of electronica’s greatest to help propel the vision of Little By Little even further. With a — foundation and remixes from some of the greatest in the game, all signs point towards Little By Little Remixed being one of the most successful dance records of the year.

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