Growlz Unleashes ‘Crowd Shocka’ On Circus Records

Growlz ‘Crowd Shocka’ On Circus Records ile ilgili görsel sonucu

After the relative calm of ‘Glass Forest,’ Growlz returns to the awe-inspiring uproar of his earlier releases with the thundering ‘Crowd Shocka,’ displaying once again his deep knowledge of audio engineering and sound design earned through extensive experience in film production, twisting and sculpting his sounds into unusual and irresistibly distorted shapes.

Growlz‘ initial releases for Circus Records set out a supremely pulverizing manifesto of mayhem, earning support from ExcisionBassnectarDirtyphonicsDownlinkFar Too LoudPegboard NerdsAjapaiFigure and more. An appearance on Flux Pavilion‘s Earwax project then followed with ‘Glass Forest,’ displaying another side with euphoric chords and exhilarating rushes of melodic synth work, demonstrating that no matter what style the excellently advanced Growlz sound goes that extra mile into breathtaking territory.

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