Circus Records’ UFO Project Releases ‘You Make Me’

UFO Project Releases ‘You Make Me’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The UFO Project juggernaut continues to roll through Circus Records with their third single this year, the swaggering ‘You Make Me,’ which skillfully blends a heartfelt vocal with a fresh and punchy set of crisp beats, polished bass and elegant melodic flourishes.

The Spanish duo won support for their initial Circus releases ‘Music Soldier‘ and ‘Artemis‘ from scene heavyweights SKisMBassnectarExcision12th PlanetDirtyphonicsCrizzlyFabian MazurRun DMTJ Phelpz and a whole load more. Understandably growing in notoriety for their expertly crafted and potent take on modern bass music, ‘You Make Me‘ demonstrates further elements to the UFO Project sound and hints at the exciting and intriguing possibilities in store.

With a full EP for Circus in the works, we shouldn’t have long to wait.



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