Mu Diamonds releases latest single ‘Hopeless (Down on My Luck)’ via empirexstream

Down on My Luck

empireXstream presents first release in collaboration with The Dynesty Entertainment
Buffalo, New York Artist Mu Diamonds has been steadily releasing music over the last couple of years. His music always draws you in, giving you a vivid picture of what he’s trying to convey.
On his new release ‘Hopeless(Down on My Luck)’ he goes in on a touches on some social issues.

empireXstream fb out

Artist : Mu Diamonds
Title : Hopeless (Down on my Luck)
Catalog No: emprxst001

Download ‘Hopeless (Down on My Luck)’

This is the most controversial rapper right now the most talked about artist that’s in the wheelchair paraplegic no one has ever thought of her no music like this this record right here is raw or ugly uncut he speaks about what happened tell him his story how we end up in a wheelchair fake people and fake friends if you want to hear a real powerful down to earth strong song Than This Record is the one journey into the mind of a strong man as he loses hope and he’s down on his luck.
Be sure to support and have a listen to the track above.



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