Gryffin releases second single off forthcoming debut LP, ‘Remember’

Gryffin Remember ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Gryffin invites listeners to dance down memory lane on “Remember,” the second single to arrive off of the producer’s incoming debut LP. Gryffin has progressively paved a pop styled path of releases via past singles like “Nobody Compares To You,” and most recently, Elley Duhé feature, and debut single off of Gryffin’s highly anticipated album, “Tie Me Down.” Like its sonic predecessors, “Remember” concurrently represents Gryffin’s stride further into pop territory, and the forward thinking nature of a Gryffin pop production. Lyrically confessional and tonally upbeat, “Remember” is a dance worthy, sing-a-long friendly number that visualizes bittersweet reminiscence on prior romance through a lighthearted lens.

ZOHARA’s strong soprano vocal ornaments the tune’s mid tempo background beat, rendering “Remember” another installment in Gryffin’s vocal-centric series of releases. Although “Remember” is generally and recognizably pop leaning in arrangement, Gryffin does inflect the production with tasteful tinges of deep house groove in the song’s synth work. “Remember” foreshadows the sound that remains yet to come in its full fledged, youthful form on Gryffin’s inaugural LP.


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