Pictured l to r: Aaron Gillespie/Underoath, Kayzo, Spencer Chamberlain/Underoath 
Photo credit: Joe Larkin
Following last month’s release of “FAKE FAKE FAKE,” a collaboration with emerging Italian emo punk rock band XO Sad, KAYZO returns today (October 31) with another rock collaboration: KAYZO “Wasted Space” featuring Underoath on Ultra Music.
Listen to “Wasted Space” now here: https://ffm.to/wastedspace.OTW
The next in line of many rock collaborations to emerge in the coming year, “Wasted Space” fuels KAYZO’s continued p  assion to bridge the gap of rock and electronic music.    Says KAYZO about the song, “‘Wasted Space’ is everything  you  wouldn’t  expect  from  an  electronic  producer  like myself  and  a  legendary  band  such  as  Underoath.  This  is  a head-on  collision  of  sonic  frequencies  and  sounds  from different  sides  of  the  musical  world.  This is true experimentation in its rawest  form.”
He adds, “When I was  told  of  the  opportunity  to  work  with  Underoath,  it  brought  me  back  tomy  hockey  days  prior  to  music.  Their album They’re  Only  Chasing  Safety was  on  heavy  rotation  for  me  during my  athletic  career.  It was a  perfect  opportunity  to  put  to  test  the  idea  I have  been  pushing  forward  of  theblurring  of  worlds  and  sonic  sounds  of  my  youth  in  rock,  pop  punk  and  my  love  for  electronic  music.”
Says Underoath on the song, “Kayzo is super excited about music and this track and that’s why we are so so excited about it. It’s refreshing these days and in this time see someone as excited as he is about music.”
To support the song, Underoath‘s Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain joined KAYZO at Escape Psycho Circus in Southern California this past Saturday, October 27.

About KAYZO:
Houston-born, Los Angeles-based producer/DJ KAYZO, née Hayden Capuozzo, is one of the fastest-rising electronic artists of this decade. His versatile sound-high-energy melodies bestrewn with pummeling beats-defies genres and challenges sonic boundaries: in one single song, he’ll traverse heavy metal via shredding guitar solos, dubstep-heavy bass, hardstyle-fueled aggression, and hypnotizing psytrance loops. His flexibility as a producer has earned him official releases with all the top dogs in electronic music and has garnered him collaborations with and remix duties for electronic giants like DJ Snake, Steve Aoki, and SLANDER, among many others. Taking the electronic-rock hybrid to new ground, he remixed the 2000 alt-metal smash hit “Last Resort” from nu metal icons Papa Roach. Dubbed a “real smasher” by Billboard, the remix has amassed more than 5 million Spotify streams. Elsewhere, the dubstep monster “Wake Up,” his collaboration with RIOT, counts more than 13 million streams on Spotify, with an additional 3 million on SoundCloud.His bass-fluid, shapeshifting sound and bold take on production has come to define KAYZO’s electrifying style and creatively experimental direction, as best captured on OVERLOAD, his debut artist album. Released January 2018 on his own Welcome Records imprint, distributed by Ultra Music, and counting more than 7 million streams on Spotify alone, OVERLOAD encapsulates the new KAYZO sound: a stimulating, cross-genre blend of rock theatrics and electronic futurism. His formal debut single with Ultra Music-“Forever,” a collaboration with Gammer-followed this past summer. A tastemaker in his own right, KAYZO founded his own artist-run imprint, Doghouse Recordings, in 2016, which he later relaunched as Welcome Records in 2017. He also hosts his biweekly Doghouse Radio show, which airs every other Friday at 4pm PT/7pm ET on SiriusXM Channel 730 as part of Insomniac Radio. Recognized as one of Billboard Dance’s 100 Artists of 2018, KAYZO is today a bona fide global act.

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About Underoath:
Erase Me represents a watershed moment for the gold-selling heavy music luminaries whose inescapable influence can be felt in nearly every corner of hard rock. Not only did it mark the group’s first new album since 2010, but it crashed the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart at #1 and vaulted into the Top 20 of the Billboard Top 200. It sees the band refine its trend-setting but inimitable style with heavy intensity and hypnotic hooks coursing through songs like “Rapture,” “On My Teeth,” “Wake Me,” and “It Has to Start Somewhere,” which have cumulatively tallied over 16 million streams in a few months’ time-a rare and impressive feat for any rock band.

For more information on Underoath visit

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