TV Noise “Papi Chulo” | STMPD RCRDS

Known for their unique sound which combines snippets from movies, TV shows, gadgets and video games with intense dancefloor dynamics, TV Noise have a style all of their own. Splicing and dicing samples into submission, their cutting-edge production aesthetic shines through particularly well on this massive new trap cut, Papi Chulo.

Download “Papi Chulo”

Beginning with massive snares and spooky synths, heavy bass tones and thumping kicks soon join to fatten things up. Low-down horn sounds create a commanding feel over a looped rap vocal, and your mind can’t help but wonder where the track is going to take you next.

The drop drives a warped synth siren over rumbling low end, infectious booty workout vocals and the title of the track chopped and screwed in all manner of ways. The innovative feel continues with a double-time switch up later in the track that makes things more manic still and sends your ears spinning into an uncontrollable frenzy. What we’re trying to say is: this track kicks like an absolute mule.

After a manic ADE week where they played five separate sets—including STMPD RCRDS boss Martin Garrix’s enormous RAI show—and shows at Ultra China and Ultra Japan, this incredible duo are on excellent form. This first studio effort in a little while has been well worth the wait.


empireXstream fb out


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