MOTHICA RELEASES NEW EP 'ASHES' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

*Featuring critically acclaimed singles “Burnout” and “Water Me Down”

“‘Burnout’ is delightfully simple, featuring minimal production and a focus on intriguing atmospheric details. The verses come like an inner monologue, voicing doubt as effortlessly as thoughts emerge from the back of the mind.”

“…with a silky voice and relatable pop hooks that immediately draw the listener in, “Water Me Down” is a musical saga of a woman refusing to change for a man, and ultimately losing him as a result.”

Over the course of 2018, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Mothica  has revealed glimpses into her highly anticipated new EP, ‘Ashes.’ A figurehead of the Dark Pop genre, Mothica real name McKenzie Ellis, has won a loyal following of fans and tastemakers alike thanks to her penchant for soul-tapping lyrics and a remarkable skillset as a modern pop music songwriter. Counting The FADER, Earmilk, Bullett, Pigeons and Planes, Indie Shuffle,  MILK, and Live Nation’s Ones To Watch as some of her many supporters, Mothica’s previous singles this year, “Burnout” and “Water Me Down,” showcased a welcome continuation of Mothica’s pop-meets-electronic sound and solidified the mounting buzz over the new EP. Today the wait is over as Mothica unveils the remainder of the full ‘Ashes‘ project, out now.

STREAM: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music | SoundCloud

Comprised of seven original singles, ‘Ashes’‘ subject matter pulls from a number of Ellis’ real life experiences. Bearing her soul one bar at a time, stand out singles like “Cheap Tricks” and “By Now” truly invite listeners into the psyche of Mothica- for better, or worse. Additional notable cuts from the project, single “Crossfire” hears Ellis venture into new sonic territory on the pop-meets-rock crossover single that channels elements of Blues with organic instrumentation provided by a full band. On the EP title track “Ashes,” Ellis steps into her Mothica moniker for a piano fueled ballad on the emotionally wrenching three-minute single.

“I don’t know how I got here and I’m running out of matches, so take my ashes. When I created Mothica, I found a place to channel my darkest and most self-aware thoughts. A place I could be myself that I nearly lost sight of the lighter aspects of life. My thoughts felt so heavy, I was debilitated trying to lift them and spin ugliness into something pretty. I wanted to play with the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes, but the phoenix is a moth to a flame. Ashes is seven songs relating my personal heartbreak, empowerment, turmoil and frustrations into songs connected by a single burning thread.”

If unfamiliar with Mothica before now, the singer first emerged back in 2014 with debut EP, ‘Mythic.’ The full-length project put Ellis on the map and established the fast-paced trajectory the vocalist has been nurturing ever since. Originally hailing from Oklahoma, Ellis has thrived as a figurehead of the underground circuit thanks to a series of lives shows across the nation including SXSW,  and appearances on several collaborations with artists including Elénne, Icarus Moth, Diversa, Gladiator, Pusher, and more. To date, Ellis boasts more than 80 million streams and 800K monthly listeners on Spotify alone.



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