Reinier Zonneveld “Move Your Body To The Beat” EP via Filth on Acid

Reinier Zonneveld “Move Your Body To The Beat” EP [Filth on Acid] ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Reinier Zonneveld is back with his first solo EP since over a year. A year that remarked a great festival and club season, saw collaborations of Reinier with Carl Cox and Bart Skils being released on Filth on Acid and a collaboration with Secret Cinema on Adam Beyer’s imprint ‘Drumcode’.

Now it’s time to ride the train solo again with this massive 5 track destroyer.

Buckle up boi, it’s time to go NOW. This is Filth on Acid NOW!

Opener Move Your Body to the Beat is a heavyweight tune with pounding drums. Dark vocals add intensity and warped synths help flesh out the groove and make it all so powerful.

Then he remixes Miro’s Shining into a slick and hypnotic techno cut with more driving drums and brain melting synths that turn you inside out. It’s one for the peak of the night and makes a huge impact.

Download “Move Your Body To The Beat” EP

Rave Generator then pairs huge hi-hats with rumbling bass and thunderous claps. It builds to a fantastic peak, with swirling synths disorientating you on the dance floor. Rotterdam Connection will rattle the walls of any warehouse with supercharged kicks and edgy synth stabs, old-school rave energy and relentless groove. Last of all, Eye Is Eye is a futuristic cut with pumping pistons, industrial atmospheres and dystopian vibes that are utterly all-consuming.

This is a brilliantly powerful EP from one of the best in the game.


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