INNA Releases New Single ‘Ra’

inna ra

Global music superstar and fashion icon INNA, who has over 3.7 billion views on YouTube and is internationally known for her collaborations with Flo-RidaPitbull and J Balvin amongst others, releases her newest single ‘RA‘ on Jay-Z‘s label ROC NATION, accompanied by a mesmerizing music video.

RA‘ is the first single of the singer/songwriter’s Spanish speaking forthcoming album; YO (ME). Written solely by INNA, the song portrays her inner emotions and symbolizes the moment she finds her true self as a music artist and as woman.

RA‘ establishes a feeling of empowerment as the protagonist, renounces to a toxic relationship. There is a sense of gaining back sovereignty over her own self; the idea is to reaffirm the importance of having a voice, especially as a woman. The music video, directed by Bogdan Paun, features striking shots of INNA surrounded by a number of selfless women who accompany her to create an invulnerable atmosphere, creating an empowering atmosphere throughout the whole visual.

Next Wednesday, November 7th, INNA will be performing ‘RA‘ and two of her other successful hits, live at the Premios Telehit in the prestigious Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

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