Davide Squillace Reveals “80HOURS” Video

Following the recent release of his 10-track ‘Once Upon a Time in Napoli’ production on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels label, Italian DJ and producer Davide Squillace has unveiled his ’80HOURS’ video, a production shot across three consecutive days and nights in that showcases the chaotic life of a touring DJ.

Download “Once Upon A Time Napoli”

Filmed between Barcelona and Ibiza, video director Massimilano Vana chronicles Davide’s hectic touring schedule across the 80 hours of madness: Packed with music, flights, friends and parties (and after parties).

Playing at huge events that include Circoloco’s Off Week party at around Sonar, Barcelona and Ants at Ushuaïa Ibiza, ’80HOURS’ sees Davide round off his 4-day weekend with a set at Monumental.

Soundtracked by ‘Vostok’, a fast-paced and rhythmic track taken from ‘Once Upon A Time In Napoli’, the video paves the way for an exciting year ahead with several more releases in the pipeline for Davide.

Cementing his position one of the world’s most eclectic and renowned producers, Squillace has held a residency at iconic Ibiza institution Circoloco for over ten years, and was recently touring with Matthias Tanzmann and Martin Buttrich as one third of Better Lost Than Stupid.

Revered for his exceptional ability to pair music with visual arts, his “artistic think tank” and record label ‘This And That Lab’ has provided a number of creatives with a much-needed production outlet, often calling on them for projects like this video, produced by Joele Lucherini, one of the long-time creative directors or This And That Lab.

However, it’s his constant dedication to pushing the boundaries with a multitude of new creative ideas that marks him out as a true artist. With so many new projects and ideas in the works, there is no way of knowing if the party will ever end in Davide’s ’80HOURS… except by watching the video.




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