Rapidly evolving producer, Calvin Aziszam, is making his way onto the electronic scene with his new single, ‘I’m Sorry’. The single is a vibrant display of Aziszam’s artistic vision that also channels a lo-fi aesthetic.

‘I’m Sorry’ allows fans to immerse themselves in a melodic, chime-infused track combined with a relaxed bassline and laid-back drumbeat. Strong lyrical style compliments mesmerizing synths that create a lush and ambient soundscape. ‘I’m Sorry’ sends an apologetic message to listeners, as the songs channels emotional hardships into a calming yet danceable single.

Calvin Aziszam is a producer from Bekasi, Indonesia who harnesses a diverse sound as his production styles include everything from electro-pop to trap. His most recent single ‘Beefin’ with Indonesian artist, RAPTR is an electro-charged trap track that displays the true range and distinction of Aziszam’s production capabilities.
‘I’m Sorry’ is out via Steve Void’s label ‘Strange Fruits’. The ‘Strange Fruits’ label has been shaking up the industry as they possess a wide array of unique and skilled artists such as Calvin Aziszam that are constantly gracing listeners with new and exceptional sounds. In total the Strange Fruits label has amassed over 120 million streams on Spotify and they continue to amplify the success of artists like Calvin Aziszam. With a well-rounded and eclectic sound, Calvin Aziszam is surely one to watch on the front of the electronic music industry.

Stay up to date with Calvin Aziszam by following his socials for news about upcoming releases, tour dates and more.



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