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Exclusive Interview with Donn Camps

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FYS : Hi Donn! Welcome back to Find Your Sounds & congrats on the new single ’24 Hours’ Can you tell us a little about what you’ve been up to since ‘Domino’?
Donn Camps : Hi guys, Great to be back!
Since ” Domino ” I have released 2 tracks on september 25 “Flushing” on US Label ” “Peakhour and “Cold Case” as an EP together with ” 24 hours ”  on my new label Dhamma Chanda Music.
FYS : What was the inspiration behind the name of your new imprint – Dhamma Chanda Music?
Donn Camps : Dhamma Chanda means literally diligence, and that is what I would like transfer to my followers/fans/listeners
FYS : How long did ’24 Hours’ take to produce? 
Donn Camps : From start to finish, guess a couple of months, let’s say 24 hours? No ….just kidding about 80-100 hours.
FYS : It’s a more radio friendly single than ‘Domino’, was that always your intention? 
Donn Camps : I want to show various sides of my musical palette , my intention is that I want make music I love to hear and play and in my situation that is music in a lot of different styles.
FYS : Do you plan to have any remixes done? 
Donn Camps : Yes, keep an eye on Spotify!
FYS : Do you have any upcoming collaborations you can tell us about or any artists you would love to work with in the future?
Donn Camps : Some projects in the work, more info soon….
FYS : 2018 has clearly been a busy year for you – what have been your highlights so far?
Donn Camps : I think my biggest highlight was the number 44 position on the beatport top 100 Big Room chart and rockin’ the dancefloors every weekend of course!
FYS : And finally, what’s next in the pipeline for Donn Camps in 2019?
Donn Camps : My next release is on november 29 also on my own label Dhamma Chanda Music.
And there wil be a lot of new music in 2019!