Chus & Ceballos and Gonçalo remix “Fernet Tastes Good” coming out on Stereo

The track created by the Argentinian band Los Coming Soon in 2012 has been brought back with these two new interpretations which have been made for the dance floor. 

The Argentinian band Los Coming Soon have always been close to electronic pop, creators of a fresh and new sound thanks to the amazing work of their audio producer Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem). All their compositions show an interesting intersection between indie and the dance floor, strongly influenced by house with an organic and energetic feeling. “Fernet Tastes Good” is the best proof of it.


Released in 2012 as part of their first album, “Fernet Tastes Good” experimented a huge success during that year. Now, Stereo Productions has decided to recover this piece through two excellents remixes by Chus & Ceballos and Gonçalo. The first one, created by the label´s bosses, contains their unmistakable trademark. Groove, strong percussions and a clear vocation for unbridled dance. The version signed by Gonçalo turns to more hypnotic and evocative lands, an oniric journey to the listener’s heart. Overall a tremendous release with a lot to offer to clubbing.

Stereo Productions releases “Fernet Tastes Good” remixes on 30th November 2018.


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