SSION “Inherit” Official Music Video

SSION gives us the ultimate finale performance of 2018 with the release of short-film / music video centered around the song “Inherit” from his seminal LP released earlier this year, O (DERO Arcade).

The self-directed short film from the acclaimed director / visual & music artist Cody Critcheloe(SSION) features many of the same themes and characters from previous videos woven in to this grandiose spectacle that touches on everything from vanity and pop culture obsession to punk rock glamour and the end of heteronormative restraints.

Following the release of his third studio length release, SSION toured with Beth Ditto and Jake Shears, while releasing some of the most talked about music videos (for himself and others) of 2018.

On “Inherit”, SSION shares “I wanted the music video for “Inherit” to pick up where “Comeback” left off, not really a sequel or providing any concrete conclusions, just a deeper dive into the dynamic between director & star / artist & muse and the soap opera that could potentially exist behind the scenes of creating a “show”… love affairs, obsession, delusion, rhinoplasty, etc… a seemingly glamorous showbiz life where bits of nostalgia are mangled with modern neuroses to create this montaged hyper-fantasy.”


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