David Allen “Drifter”

Rising artist David Allen has returned to Art & Music Records with a heady new club focused single. Titled Drifter, the track is poised for big success and sees the young producer / DJ showcase his highly impressive production abilities.

Free Download “Drifter

With expansive sound-design and infectious beats, Drifter marks the next instalment of high-quality club music from Dr. Shiver’s world-renowned Art & Music Recordings – a label very much on the up and that continues to raise the bar with each new release.

Abound with high octane energy Drifter is a late-night, car-cruising banger that fuses incredible sound design with deep bass sounds, hard-hitting drums and anthemic melodies. Drifter also showcases David Allen’s penchant for evocative harmonies and unparallel musicianship skills.

Art & Music Recording is a record label, booking agency, publishing company and recording studio founded in 2002 by Dr. Shiver, CEO and partner together with Omar Zenzon.

The label’s focus on dance music, especially House, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, Future House, EDM, Pop Dance and Trap Music, place it as a world-leading authority on electronic music.

David Allen – Drifter is out now.




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