ANAMELIA BBC Supported Artist Across The Network ‘STORM’ available on 23/01!

ANAMELIA music storm ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Continuing her success after her first release “CLOUDS”, BBC yet again took an interest in ANAMELIA.

The songwriter ANAMELIA, also known as ‘Polecunian’, now prepares to debut her second official release in the form of “STORM“.

Offering a much more vibrant set of visuals, the growing vocalist gears up for her biggest drop to date.

Hitting all major streaming services on January 23rd, with a SPOTIFY Pre-Release available from the 16th of this month. 
The accompanying music video will be available from YouTube & VEVO on the 23rd of January.

The location takes her to warmer settings as she performs one of her latest gems – stylistically, representing the sound of contemporary Pop and electronic R&B. 

The vocals were actually recorded in Poland, giving international depth to the accessible single.

The production and lyrics make for radio-friendly listen, as ANAMELIA passionately details an emotional relationship which created a “perfect storm”. 


This relatable release is just a small indication of what’s to come from the rising artist. “You took me through the storm” is the standout lyric repeated throughout – making the havoc of the situation quite evident to listeners. Perhaps, also seen as a metaphor for life, which can take you through tough times.

The layered track and accompanying visuals paint a more lucid picture of the song’s literal meaning. Close collaborator and professional videographer Beth Thorp directs the visuals here, capturing radiant settings and shimmering water on the Isle of Corfu.



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