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Exclusive Interview : Yves Larock talks about his new single with Jaba

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Yves Larock talks about his new single with Jaba, and plans for 2019.
FYS : Welcome to Find Your Sounds, Yves! Has 2018 played out well for you? 
Yves : Hey guys, this year I spent a lot of time in the studio and a little less on tour, but I needed it. I’m looking forward to next year, because I have a lot of new music coming out.
FYS : Your latest record ‘Break Down The Walls’ is a strong House cut – what inspired the new single? 
Yves : Naturally I listen to a lot of music, so many recent releases inspired me. For the lyrics, it is a reflection that I heard a lot in my youth – when I was aspiring to make music. People said that it was not for me, that I should not dream so big, reaching ones dreams are always for others.. or so they said.
FYS : There’s also an alternative Yves Larock remix we’ve heard, how is it re-working your own track? 
Yves : I still like to make remixes of my titles, to be able to play them in clubs and I always find it interesting to bring a different sound to the Original.
FYS : How was it collaborating with Jaba, once again? 
Yves : Jaba is an old friend, and it is always easy to collaborate with him, he comes to the studio and we have fun … although some productions that I proposed to him were not to his taste. This forced me to go back to work and question myself… overall it’s always positive.
FYS : You’ve been a well known figure in the industry for many years, what key changes have you noticed the most in that time? 
Yves : The quality of the production is definitely improving, I’ve been impressed by the maturity of young producers. This forced me to question myself and I find that now people are much more open to listening to different styles of music, which looking into next year will allow me to propose other styles too that are important to me, not only House music.
FYS : How do you view the impact of streaming services for an up & coming artist trying to break through, as a positive or negative? 
Yves : I think it’s completely positive. In the past, if you did not have a label, it was almost impossible to reach an audience, now with Soundcloud and social networks, your music can be listened to and shared. Now, it is the audience who decides on your succes – which is liberating.
FYS : And finally, what’s next release plan wise? Anything you can tell us!? 
Yves : I plan to release to new record a month on my label, Facial Records & across different styles of music – but each time delivery a variety of clubs remixes. Also aiming to release more club / underground productions, under my new alias “Overcoding”.